Build Yourself

Stimax will partner with you to create the home of your dreams!

Each year in this country, thousands of people tackle building or remodeling their own homes. In addition, thousands more express the desire to be involved in their own project, but don’t have the confidence or expertise without guidance.

Many people say, “For our next new home or remodeling project, we’re going to try it ourselves!”
When utilizing (BUILD YOURSELF) on their project, most people who serve as their own project
manager produce savings from 15% to 30%, sometimes more.

The (BUILD YOURSELF) system was developed to meet this growing demand and to provide
professional assistance to home owners who want more control over their building project. They
want to be more involved, and to either save money in the process or get more home than their
budget would otherwise allow. The (BUILD YOURSELF) Construction Consultant provides the
systems and expert guidance to make this happen.

We chase our customer's satisfaction!